Gideon Bullock

Product Owner and Product Design Director

Back in 2012 Songkick released its first Android app, it was designed in house by me and built by the powerhouse that is Novoda. Almost three years later we released a new version which was built in-house and, again, designed by me. During the period of time between releases Google had published their Material Design guidelines, and it was an utter joy to work with.


We had learned a great deal since the first release of our Android app, primarily that artists rely on the live sector for up to 80% of their income, but that 50% of tickets go unsold across the board. We had learned that despite steep growth in music discovery and consumption, attendance rates hadn’t budged. And we’d learned that the average music fan would attend twice as many shows, if only they had better visibility on announcements and an easier way to purchase tickets.


So this new Android release found us taking another step towards reconciling those lessons, in the shape of some awesome new features which included really smart artist tracking through Spotify and in-app ticket purchasing

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Never miss another show.


Be the first to know about concerts. Songkick gives you an easy way to track your favourite artists and provides concert alerts as soon they announce tour dates near you. Buy tickets straight from the app and never miss another show!


The free concert app allows you to import your favourite artists from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Facebook, as well as your music library. We build a personalized local concert guide just for you. You'll be notified when new concerts and festivals are announced so you'll be ready when tickets go on sale.

If you want to find out more about what I do, you can find me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter and if you have a moment or two you might like to read some stuff I've written for over on Medium. You can grab my CV here and see what I've been doing to keep myself busy over the last couple of decades.