We discovered a long time ago that the average music fan goes to one concert a year. But when we talked to the average music fan it was clear that they’d like to go to more. The reason they don’t is pretty simple – it’s tough to find out what’s happening and to buy tickets. We wanted to make it as easy to see live music as it is to see a movie.


We always have thought that mobile should be a big part of solving this problem. You listen to music on your phone – so you should be able to figure out what shows to go to and buy tickets on your phone simultaneously.


Although well over 50% of Songkick users browsed shows on mobile, under 10% of them bought tickets on their phones. Historically the experience of buying concert tickets on a mobile device had been less than great, and we wanted to change that. So we introduced integrated ticketing into our iOS app,  it was an instant success.

Keep track of your favourite artists


We love our streaming music services at Songkick so we integrated Rdio and Spotify to our app so fans could sync their playlists and track their favourite artist with ease. The app scans your Spotify playlists as well as your iTunes library, and until recently your Rdio playlists, it then notifies you when those artists announce shows in your area.

Never miss another show.


Be the first to know about concerts. Songkick gives you an easy way to track your favorite artists and provides concert alerts as soon they announce tour dates near you. Buy tickets straight from the app and never miss another show!


The free concert app allows you to import your favorite artists from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, and Facebook, as well as your music library. We build a personalized local concert guide just for you. You'll be notified when new concerts and festivals are announced so you'll be ready when tickets go on sale.

Notification centre widget


When Apple made the iOS notification a richer experience we partnered with them to be one of the first apps to provide a more complete experience. Finding out about concerts as soon as they were announced or when tickets became available felt like a good fit for the notification centre.

Apple Watch integration


Though never released I designed a full Apple Watch integration that brought the all important notification to your wrist. Fans could track events directly and receive updates and ticket on-sale announcements.

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